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The state of mobile WebGL

17 May 2013 {View Comments}

As of the time of writing WebGL is not very well supported on mobile devices However, it is [seriously](http://seriouslyjs.org) awesome (seriously). You can get an idea of device capability from these tools. * http://caniuse.com/webgl * http://get.webgl.org After reviewing. It would appear Android or CocoonJS is the way to go for now. Support from all other browser implementations should hopefully not be far behind. Going to need to get an Android tablet then to test these out. The Google Nexus 10 looks to be the best option currently due to it's [epic GPU performance](http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19736_7-57581030-251/the-fastest-android-gaming-tablets/). Some Android phones appear to [vastly outstrip current tablet performance](http://www.androidbenchmark.net/cpumark_chart.html). Basically, it's not something to ship production code in right now, but it's time will come very soon and we have the tools to be developing and testing our creations till then. ### iOS * WebGL is only available in iAds, not in a UIWebView or Mobile Safari. * There is a shim browser that can be used for testing [WebGLBrowser](https://github.com/benvanik/WebGLBrowser). *However performance is significantly lacking and not a reflection on the performance of UIWebView (If it implemented WebGL)* * Chrome doesn't work * Opera mini either ### Android * Native Android WebView does not support WebGL (Android 4.2) * Firefox Beta does * As does Chrome Beta Apparently there is work to make Chrome the WebView renderer in future releases. * For now what looks promising is [ChromeView](https://github.com/pwnall/chromeview) a replacement of the Android WebView with the latest Chromium build. ### Firefox OS * WebGL will be enabled by default on Firefox OS * However, "Firefox" handsets have yet to ship * It can be run on Android devices, but tablet support is lagging behind ### CocoonJS A promising alternative is [CocoonJS](http://3d.ludei.com), which has an (apparently) native performance HTML5 platform implementation. That works cross platform on Android and iOS.