Software Developer

Belfast, Northern Ireland

{ Me }

I am { therefore, I think? }

Software developer and company founder, based in Belfast Northern Ireland. I'm a software guy and mainly specialise in web applications.

From the initial design through to development of an application testing the release and ongoing support. I've had plenty experience taking ideas from their inception to a polished product.

{ What I do }

Skills { engineering, music, extreme sports }

These are just a few of the technologies/languages/frameworks that I use the most from day to day. Whilst I mainly focus on the development of web software I'm a jack of all trades at heart.

Interface Design, User Experience, Web Application Design, API Design, Front end development, Web Application Development, Support, Technology Audits, Teaching & Training are all part of my day to day work.

Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, CouchDB, Redis, JSON, iOS, AJAX, XML, Paypal, Payment Gateways, Sphinx, MySQL, Ubuntu, Adobe AIR, SQLite, CSV, Apache, Jekyll, Markdown

{ Contact Me }

Need Help ? { email me@davidjrice.co.uk}

I like email so feel free to send me one. I'll usally get back to you within 24 hours or so.